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Payroll Services

UCPATH Downtime

UCPath (the UC's payroll & personnel system) will go offline from 12:00p.m. Friday, March 8th to 6:00 a.m. Monday, March 11th to accommodate a technical upgrade of the system. During that period, you won't have access to UCPath.

If you have any questions, please submit an inquiry here.

Getting Ready for Fiscal Close

When reviewing your Distribution of Payroll Expense reports look at the Sub-Actvity field to identify payroll lines that have gone to suspense. 

There are three main reasons outlined below:

Sub Activity Code




















Funding Entry Issue

UCPath charges the Suspense COA in the following instances:

  • When there is no designated Default COA in place on the position's Funding Entry page at the time payroll is processed


Note: All positions with salary expenses are required to have funding         in place prior to payroll processing as indicated on the UCPATH Payroll Processing Schedule


  • During the Fiscal Year End Funding Rollover process if the COA previously entered into the position's funding entry is no longer valid












Funding End Date Issue

UCPath charges the Suspense COA if the position's funding entry has an End Date which has passed and the funding entry has not been updated.

  • For example, if a position's funding entry has an end date of 05/31/2021, a new funding entry with an effective date of 06/01/2021 would need to be in place prior to payroll processing, otherwise the Suspense COA is charged.
  • If possible, avoid using Funding End Dates when setting up a position's funding.










Invalid FAU Issue

UCPath charges the Suspense COA if the COA that was designated to be charged on the position's funding entry is no longer valid in the UC Merced General Ledger.


Possible reasons a COA becomes invalid include the following:

  • Fund closed in Oracle
  • Project value is no longer valid

Where to Find the Deadlines: 

Where to find Forms for Requesting Direct Retro: 

  • Staff Direct Retro - Webform utilized to report a request for realignment of wages that have already posted. 
  • Direct Retro - Utilize to request a re-alignment of wages that have already been posted to the labor ledger for an academic position.

Dates To Note:

•Deadline to send Transaction Request to Payroll Services – Must Be received by date to allow for processing

•GL Post Confirm- Date UCPATH will send information to campus GL Systems (Oracle)


UCPath Initiatives:

Please visit UC Merced UCPath website for updates on UC Merced and UCPath initiatives.

UCPath Notice:  New Security Measure - Direct Deposit Change Verification Emails

Due to recent phishing attempts, UCPath is introducing a new security measure to enhance the protection of employee information.

UCPath will send email notifications to employees whose direct deposit information has been updated as a protective measure to safeguard employee data.

Time Reporting System (TRS) Support of GRLN Policy

The Time Reporting System (TRS) is enhancing the end user experience while establishing compliance with the UC Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) policy. 

Starting December 21st, 2023, TRS will now display employee's name exactly as it appears in their UCPath and Banner (for student employees) record. In addition, a new TRS "Personal Information" section, accessible only to the employee, will provide flexibility on the name to be displyed on the timesheet (only visible to the employee).

If you would like to update your name, please go to UCPath "Employee Actions/Personal Information" to update your employee record. Student Employees, aside from updating your employee record you will also need to update your Banner/Student record through MyMerced "Personal Information". 

If you have any questions or require assistance related to the implementation of GRLN in TRS, please do not hesitate to contact UCM TRS Support at 


Effective August 1, 2022 all inquiries submitted to Payroll must be done via the Payroll Services Inquiry webform. Requests submitted outside of the inquiry form will not receive a response.