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About Us

The Department of Business and Financial Services is responsible for UC Merced's core business processes. Its six units, listed below, provide leadership and strengthen support for sound and ethical practices at every administrative level.

The department's role is to:

  • Partners with and guides administrative officials to assure programs and practices improve accountability and control.
  • Implement policies and procedures to ensure the university is well-managed and financially sound
  • Ensure faculty and staff comply with applicable laws and regulations while upholding the public trust.
  • Reviews and processes supplier invoices, along with some payment requests
  • Ensures university compliance with tax withholding and reporting
  • Maintains university's financial records
  • Recommends financial policies and strategies
  • Coordinates financial audits
  • Ensures compliance with UC, state and federal regulations on financial policies.
  • Supports DFA units with setup and configuration of financial systems
  • Maintains, troubleshoots financial systems
  • Recommends and processes system upgrades and improvements
  • Processes newly hired staff and faculty
  • Manages Time Reporting System for employee payment
  • Provides procedures and practices for student employment
  • Provides employment verification





  • Supports creation and financial management of sponsored projects
  • Oversees financial management of external funding, such as contracts and grants. Provides financial reporting, cash management, accounts receivable, effort reporting, and review of high-risk expense transfers.
  • Manages review and approval processes for capital planning
  • Provides student financial accounting and reporting.
  • Manages student payment and disbursement process.
  • Provides controls and oversight over student accounts.
  • Provides payment processing for tuition and fees for students, parents, departments and outside agencies.
  • Manages and processes travel expenses and reimbursements via the Concur system
  • Provides policies and standards for travel and entertainment.
  • Provides policies and standards for moving and relocation.