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Division of Finance and Administration

Controller’s Office

The mission of Business & Financial Services is to provide accountability of campus resources and to provide administrators with accurate and timely financial data to assist them in the management of the Campus’ resources. The Division is committed to providing quality, efficient and timely customer service to the campus community in compliance with the University of California, federal and state regulations and the University of California’s system policies and procedures. Our vision is to be a team of professionals committed to the delivery of innovative, effective and efficient customer business services while maintaining fiscal integrity.

Business & Financial Services is responsible for the campus' core business processes, provides leadership and strengthens support for sound and ethical practices at every administrative level. Our division's role is to guide and partner with administrative officials to assure that programs and practices improve accountability and control, implementing policies and procedures to ensure that the university is well managed and financially sound, and that faculty and staff comply with applicable laws and regulations while upholding the public trust.

Staff Directory

Amanda Preston-Nelson

Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller


Kelli Maxey

Assistant Controller

(209) 228-2622