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Preparing for Fiscal Year 2021-22 Close

May 25, 2022

UC Merced departments have begun the work required to close fiscal year 2021-22. To assist in this process, General Accounting has assembled documentation of fiscal close deadlines and other information.

As prescribed by the State of California, UC Merced must close its general ledger for FY2022 on June 30. For campus departments, two significant periods lead up to this date:

May 1-31: Departments review ledgers and verify all requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and payroll transactions have been recorded and all financial adjustments posted.

June 1-30: Departments monitor June's financial activity to ensure transfers, deferrals, accruals or other adjustments are recorded by the designated deadline.

If you have questions about specific fiscal close deadlines, email the designated contact in the Schedule of Deadlines. For more general questions about fiscal close, reach out to


Amanda Preston-Nelson

Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller