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Employment Verification

Verification of Employment

For your convenience, the University of California (UC) provides a variety of methods for employment verification.  In most intances, UCPath is the primary party responsible for verifiying employment at UC Merced as well as other UC locations.  Please review the information below to determine the best option to meet your VOE needs.  For Calfresh (Students ONLY), PSLF, employment data prior to 2017 or to request information not obtainable through The Work Number, please go here.  If it is determined your VOE can/should be completed by UCPath you will be directed back to this page to facilitate your request. 

Note:  Student employees and non-students who opted out

Effective April 27, 2023, UCPath will start sending data to The Work Number for student employees. For information on how to "Opt Out" please go here.  Student employees and non-students who opted out must refer all verifiers (banks, employers or leasing agents) to UCPath to complete employment and income verifications manually. This process may take significantly longer than utilizing The Work Number. 

Contact the UCPath Center directly 

The UCPath Center can provide verification of employment, to include the following information:

  • Name
  • Dates of employment
  • Appointment title
  • Salary information  

Note the special and additional requirements described below.

The UCPath Center delivers employment verification within three business days of your submitting the request.

The UCPath Center processes employment verification requests in the order they are received.

Submit your request for employment verification directly to the UCPath Center. They request must include your written authorization if you are requesting this information to be sent to a third party. NOTE: The UCPath Center does not require your written authorization if you are requesting this verification for yourself. In special circumstances, such as law enforcement, the UCPath Center will forward your request to the appropriate location for further assistance.

Procedure to request verification of employment, contact the UCPath Center by "Submitting An Inquiry";

Employee Services (ES) will guide you through the following process. 

The specific steps for your employment verification request may differ:

  1. Special Circumstances:  ES must determine if there is a special circumstance for your request. This could entail law enforcement requirements, your experience level, your position in a step-based salary program, and so on.
  2. Salary Information:  If you need salary information, please be advised that salary information is only released upon written request. You must sign the written request authorizing the UCPath Center to release information. You can fax written requests to 1-855-982-9329. NOTE: There is a three-day turnaround time for written salary requests.
  3. Letter of Authorization:  In all circumstances, you must submit a letter of authorization with your signature, granting the UCPath Center permission to release your employment information. NOTE: The UCPath Center only accepts requests submitted via mail, email or case record.
  4. Delivery of the Employment Verification: The UCPath Center will send the completed employment verification request to the appropriate recipient to fulfill your request.


UCPath ES can be reached Monday-Friday, 8 am - 5 pm at 1-855-982-7284. 

The Work Number

If you are applying for a loan, an apartment or job, your employment verifier (e.g. bank, leasing agent, or employer) accesses your employment information through The Work Number website.

The Work Number is a third-party provider of employment and income verification. All verifiers (banks, employers or leasing agents) must access your information through its website.

How to Provide Proof of Your Employment and Income

Please provide your employment verifier the following information:

Inform them that UC uses the The Work Number

Provide them the University of California Employer Code: 15975

Provide them your Social Security Number

In some instances, you may also need to create a "Salary Key" in order to complete an income verification. If your employment verifier requests a salary key, please follow these steps:

Log in to The Work Number as an employee.

Enter the following information:

UC Employer Code: 15975

User ID: Your Social Security Number

Personal PIN: Your birthday (MMDDYYYY).

Select the "Create a Salary Key" option.

Provide your verifier the six-digit salary key.


UCPath Portal Verification of Employment (VOE)

The UCPath Portal Verification of Employment (VOE) option gives you the option to generate, download and save/print your own employment summary report.


To access the Verification of Employment page on UCPath online:

Select Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > Verification of Employment then click the Generate Summary Report button

Your summary will be published on UC letterhead, which will include your current employment information and payroll earnings.

The Verification of Employment page also provides information about The Work Number (a third-party provider of employment and income verification).

Note: This feature is also available to former employees.

UCNET Employment Verification Process