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Invoice Processing in Oracle

All invoices specific to non-catalog orders should be sent to To ensure timely processing, invoices should reference a valid purchase order (PO) with sufficient funds and matching line descriptions. Invoices missing any of these requirements will likely be put on hold and result in delays in payment.


A Guide to Successful Invoicing

Step-by-step Guide: How to Perform an Invoice Inquiry (PDF)

Videos: Accounts Payable Invoice Training

Invoice Processing FAQ

How soon will I see my invoice in Oracle after I send it to the email address?

Invoices are typically imported into Oracle every hour.

How can I check if my invoice has been received in Oracle?

To confirm receipt of an invoice, follow the process described in the How to Perform an Invoice Inquiry Step-by-Step Guide.

What does Validation Status mean?

All invoices must be validated after they are created and before they are approved. The system will run a scheduled validation job to automatically match the details of the invoice to the details of the purchase order. The validation status on an invoice may reference one of the following:

  • Incomplete – invoice has been received and pending processing by AP staff. Invoices showing an incomplete status are processed by AP within seven days and priority is based on the invoice due dates.
  • Not Validated – invoice has been received but not yet validated by the system.
  • Needs revalidation – invoice failed validation and has been put on hold by the system or AP and can only be processed once the hold reason is resolved.
  • Validated – invoice has been successfully processed.
Does my invoice need to be approved?

Yes, once the invoice is validated the system will seek approval based on the configured approval workflow approval rules.

I received an approval notification. What do I do?

For information on how to approve an invoice in Oracle, please reference the AP Approve or Reject Invoices Step-by-Step Guide.

How can I tell if an invoice has been paid?

To confirm payment of an invoice, please reference the View Supplier Invoice and Payment Status via Requisition Search Step-by-Step Guide.

My invoice's status is Validated and its workflow approved. Why hasn’t the invoice been paid?

Payments are processed on Wednesday and Friday of each week. The invoices selected are those that have a due date within four days of the payment process date (i.e., payment process date 01/05/2022 invoice through 01/09/2022 will be selected). It is important to remember that invoice due dates are based on the net payment terms assigned to the supplier profile or purchase order.

Invoice Holds FAQ

How can I tell if my invoice is on hold?

A full listing of the invoices currently on hold can be found by clicking on the Holds tile located on the Invoices home screen.

How can I find the reason for the hold?

Once the Holds tile is selected, the reason can be displayed as part of your view settings.

accounts payable invoice

How do I resolve an invoice hold?

Submit an H&I Invoices ticket with Accounts Payable. Note: If your department is serviced by CBS2, their team is reviewing the hold list and working with AP to resolve the holds.