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e-check processing

University of California, Merced uses electronic check processing, also known as E-Check, for most personal checks. The information below answers some general questions related to this electronic check processing system. There is NO fee to use this option. ALL CHECKS RECEIVED BY MAIL WILL BE PROCESSED ELECTRONICALLY.

How do I find the transaction on my bank statement? The transaction will be listed in the electronic transactions section, along with other electronic debits, ATM withdrawals, Direct Deposits, etc.
Where is the check? The original check is destroyed during our processing to prevent duplicate processing and to protect the privacy of the personal information on the check. You may request a facsimile of the check for up to two years after we have processed your check. To get a copy of the check please email us at Please include your name, check number and check amount as well as an address where you would like a copy of the check mailed.
What if I do not want my check to be processed electronically? If you wish to opt-out from processing your check electronically, you will need to complete the opt-out form and mail it to us.  The E-check opt-out form can be found by completing and mailing an Opt-Out Form.