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Student Refunds


  • Refunds are processed every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Refund checks are normally available 3 business days after being processed and can be picked up at Campus Cashiering Services.   Refund checks not picked up within 21 days will be mailed to the Mailing Address noted in the student information system.
  • Refunds via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) reach your account 2 - 3 business days after being processed.
  • SBS sends students an email notifying them when their refund is processed .
  • A credit balance resulting from a student’s payment by check or eCheck will not be processed for 7 business days
  • No refund will be processed for a credit balance of $25 or less.  Such a balance will apply to future charges.  An exception is made for refunds resulting from Federal fund credit balances of $1 or more.
  • A credit balance resulting from a credit card payment will be refunded back to the credit card used in making that payment.

Refunds of Financial Aid

  • You will know that a refund will be processed if your student account reflects a negative (-) credit balance
  • You will know that a refund has been processed when there is a transaction on your account indicating “Refund Student Credit Balance” or “Refund Credit Bal to Parent”

Refunds of Other Credits

  • SBS processes refunds of other credit balances as a result of payments from Third Party Sponsors, Veteran benefits, Housing adjustments, fee adjustments and account overpayments.

Did you lose your Refund Check?

  • If you lose your refund check, please contact SBS via email or visit our office to request a replacement check.   We will fill out a Declaration of Lost Check and send it to you for signature. A lost check can only be replaced after a student returns the signed Declaration of Lost Check.  Once the signed form is received Student Business Services will begin the process of voiding the lost check and reissuing the replacement check.  This process normally takes about 10 business days.