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Division of Finance and Administration

General Accounting

General Accounting's mission is to 1) provide campus administrators with accurate and timely financial data to assist them in the management of the Campus’ resources and 2) ensure that financial records are maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and guidelines as established by University of California, State and Federal agencies. We are committed to giving prompt, courteous service to our campus stakeholders. 

Our vision, who we want to be, is a department that employs competent and caring business professionals who are innovative, resourceful, collaborative, and helpful in facilitating the management and accountability of the campus’ resources. We want to continue to develop, maintain and enhance our financial system processing, contribute to the enrichment and advancement of staff members, and continue to comply with policies and procedures to accomplish our mission in a changing environment.

General Accounting provides numerous campus wide support functions. Our division is responsible for maintaining the Campus’ official book of financial records, developing and recommending financial policies, strategies and plans, and implement financial systems and processes that meet current and future campus needs. We are also charged with coordinating financial audits and the development and deployment of all financial system applications. Accounting services ensures campus compliance with all University, State, and Federal rules and regulations concerning financial policies and procedures. 

General inquiries regarding Recharge can be made to, Financial Control matters to, Accounts Receivable matters to, or all other matters to


Staff Directory

Arturo Martinez Chavez

Director, General Accounting
(209) 228-2350

Marianna Eastman

Senior Accountant, General Accounting
(209) 228-4076

Devan Hinojosa

Fixed Assets, General Accounting
(209) 228-2404

Craig Ledebur

Supervisor, Gifts, Endowments, Financial Control
(209) 228-4307

Renie Fagundes

Accountant, General Accounting
(209) 228-7638

Jenny Duenas

Department Security Administrator (DSA) and Gift Accounting
(209) 228-4071

Ashleigh Phelps

Accountant, General Accounting
(209) 228-0076

Gurpartap Dhaliwal

Payroll, General Accounting
(209) 228-0099

Joshua Brooks

Accounts Receivable, General Accounting
(209) 228-4562