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UC Merced’s Campus Travel & Expense Management team is rethinking how faculty, staff and students will manage expense reimbursement. The new system will allow users to capture any receipt, including both travel and non-travel expense, through a convenient mobile app. Some expenses, like Uber/Lyft rides, can be automatically digitized, eliminating the need for paper receipts.

The new expense reimbursement system, SAP Concur, will replace UC Merced’s current UCLA-owned Express system which will soon be eliminated.

Concur provides a user-friendly interface that will enhance the reimbursement experience for all users. At the same time, Concur will give the Campus Travel Management team better controls for managing the Travel & Expense Reimbursement program for UC Merced.




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Melissa Tessier – Project Manager

Tracy England – Functional Lead

Raj Paneer – Technical Lead