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Treasury & Disbursement

The mission of the department is to provide treasury, banking and cashiering services to our customers in an efficient, timely, professional, courteous, and customer-oriented manner.  This will be accomplished in accordance with the mission of the UC Merced campus, by following the policies and procedures of the University of California and by implementing sound financial procedures and controls.  Treasury, Banking and Cashiering Services fulfills two critical functions for the Campus, 1) Treasury and Banking Services and 2) Cashiering Services.  The department serves two important functions, cash disbursements as related to department users who consume outside services for the benefit of campus operations and the cashiering function related to deposits and receipts, received primarily from the student population.  

Our vision is to continue to provide exceptional quality service to the Campus departments and the Student population.  We strive to ensure that invoices and bills are paid timely and cash received is applied to the correct department accounts within a reasonable period of time.  We further strive to ensure payments and credits received from students and parents are properly applied to each student's account in a timely manner. 

Treasury and Banking Services is located in 2nd floor of the Mondo Building located at 1715 Canal Street.  Please change to - Treasury and Disbursement Services are located on the 3rd floor of the Downtown Center at 655 W. 18th. Cashiering’s hours are Monday through Thursday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Friday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm PST.

General treasury & Banking inquiries can be made to, for General Accounts Payable Disbursement inquires to, and for cashiering matters, to

Staff Directory

Treasury & Disbursement Cashiering

Jennifer Riedeman
Director, Treasury & Disbursements

(209) 233-2180

Carla Krogh
Manager, Cashiering Services


Robin Jurevich
Accounts Payable Supervisor

(209) 229-2271

Alicia Bellusci


Jose Hidalgo
Accountant, Accounts Payable


Jan Owens