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Division of Finance and Administration

Financial Systems Support

Reporting to the campus Controller, the Financial System Support team works to ensure the campus financial systems are well supported, well integrated, and continually improved. 

The team responds to changing needs and new technologies and offers smart solutions to the UC Merced campus community with a goal to offer agile, flexible, and user-friendly financial systems capable of enabling diverse and complex financial activity.

The Financial Systems Support team is vigilant when new systems are introduced or changes to existing systems are made, knowing that sometimes a small change designed to improve one system can impact others down the line. When a system breaks or fails, we work with our technical team and stakeholders to fix it, test and retest, and find the root cause of the problem. 

Support Provided

Financial Systems Support (FSS) is now utilizing ServiceNow for inquiries and support. Visit the DFA Service Catalog Page to view a list of services we provide and submit your request.

FSS supports DFA functional units with standard setup and configuration in the systems we support. Many of these requests are processed as tasks of the functional units tickets and assigned through ServiceNow. FSS turnaround time for tasks associated with these service tickets is 2 -3 business days. Enhancement request, projects or other types of requests will have their own timelines and the FSS lead will coordinate with for requestor for an agreed upon schedule. We strive to compete the requests as soon as possible and the actual time of completion is based on the team’s current workload.

Staff Directory

Emily Bustos

Executive Director of Financial Systems Support


Melissa Tessier

Oracle Financial Systems Support Manager

John Holtz

HCM Financial Systems Support Manager

Lisa Hua

Financial Systems Support, Analyst

Mubeena Salaam

Financial Systems Support, HCM Team Lead

Nirmala Mummaneni

Financial Systems Support, Analyst

Nelly Aguilar

Financial Systems Support, Analyst

Saloni Jogai

Financial Systems Support, Analyst

Koffi Apedoh

Financial Systems Support, Analyst

Christian Rothermel

Financial Systems Support, Analyst

Kyle Catino

Financial Systems Support, Analyst

Pavan Neelakanti

Financial Systems Support, Analyst