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We want to sell our products or services to UC Merced. What do we need to do? 
Contact buyer(s) to introduce your company products/services. Find the  Procurement Services staff  directory online.  

How does a vendor get added to the bidder’s list?

We do not maintain a centralized bidder list; however, buyers maintain bid lists for their respective commodities. 

Can I just stop by and introduce my company and myself to someone in Procurement Services, or do you require appointments?

Appointments are preferred; however, drop-in visits are welcome pending the availability of the buyer. 

At what dollar level of purchases are quotes or bids required?

The California Public Contract Code and university policy Business and Finance Bulletin (BUS) 43 Part 3 require that formal bids be obtained for purchases of $100,000 or more. Requirements less than $100,000 are generally competed through informal competition via verbal or written solicitations. 

Does the university pay sales tax?

Yes, most university purchases are taxable with the exception of products purchased for resale or other items exempt from sales and use tax. 

What is the university’s tax rate?


How do I find out if my invoice has been paid?

Payment information is available by completing the application at the vendor self-service website here.