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General FAQ

How do I contact Student Business Services? Email, call (209) 228-4114, or visit us in room KL227. You may also visit our website at

What is ePay? The primary purpose of the ePay website is to allow students to manage their account online. Students can view their online eBills, review their student account, and pay any amount due online.

Student Account and Billing FAQ

Who do I contact if I have questions about the fees on my student account? Contact SBS at 209-228-4114 or at

Will I receive a paper billing statement? No, billing statements are provided electronically and can be viewed by logging into ePay. 

When will I receive a bill? Student Business Services sends an email notification to students when billing statements are available to view on ePay. Your monthly billing statement is published the first business day of each month. From the home page on ePay, click the Students tab and select eBill Statements.

Why don’t I see a bill for this month? You will only see a bill for the month when there was activity on your account during the prior month, and when the account balance is an amount other than zero. 

What are the deadlines to make payments? The semester fee payment deadlines are listed on the Fees Deadlines  page of the SBS website. Fee payment deadlines are also shown on your monthly billing statements. 

How can my parents access my student account or billing statements? Authorization may be given to your parent(s) by setting up a Parent PIN on ePay. From the home page, click the Students tab and select Manage Parent PIN. Once you have created a Parent PIN, share the username and password with them.

Can my parent contact your office directly for my student account information? Yes, once you have created a Parent PIN for them. SBS staff will ask to verify their username before releasing information.

Can textbooks purchases be charged to my student account?  Yes, you can charge textbook purchase up to $750 a semester. 

My student account reflects a health insurance charge, but I already have health insurance. How do I remove the charge from my student account? Student Health Services coordinates all health insurance waivers. You may submit an insurance waiver request through the UC Merced web portal by the published deadline. For more information, visit

Once your insurance waiver is approved, it will post to your student account to offset the charge within 7-10 business days. 

I submitted a health insurance waiver to Student Health Services, but I still have a charge on my student account for health insurance. How do I get the charge removed from my student account? All students are charged for health insurance. However, if you are granted a health insurance waiver, the waiver will post to your account as a payment offsetting the mandatory health insurance charge. If the waiver has not posted to your account 10 business days after you receive an approval notice, contact the insurance coordinator at or (209) 228-4876. 

MyBill/ePay FAQ

Where do I go for more information about MyBill? Visit the MyBill  page of the SBS website. 

Im a parent and Im unable to log on to MyBill. How do I sign on? If your student has assigned you a Parent PIN, sign in using your Parent PIN username and password. Be sure that you select the link that says, “Sign In with an assigned Parent PIN.” Keep your username and password for future access. Student Business Services is unable to reset usernames or passwords. If lost, you will need to ask your student to delete your Parent PIN and assign a new one. 

Im a student and Im unable to log on to MyBill. How do I sign on? If you have forgotten your UCMNetID username or password, you can reclaim your UCMNetID and reset the password

How do I view my UC Merced student account? Your student account can be viewed online at From the home page, click the Students tab and select Student Account. 

Payment FAQ

How do I make a payment towards my student account? You can pay online, in person, or by mail. For detailed information about making an online payment, view our Making Online Payments tutorial. You can also mail payments to: 

University of California, Merced 
Campus Cashiering Services 
P. O. Box 2450 
Merced, CA 95344 

How do I use my financial aid to pay my student account balance? Once your financial aid has been posted to your student account, it will automatically apply to any outstanding charges on the account. You do not need to take any action in order for your financial aid to apply to your outstanding charges. 

How do I pay for my fees with a 529 plan or other college savings plans? Contact your plan administrator to request funds at least 30 days before the fee payment deadline. Also, request that funds be sent directly to UC Merced and make check payable to UC Regents. Include the student name and student ID number on the check.

Im expecting a third party to pay my fees. What do I need to do? You should immediately contact Student Business Services to discuss the details of your third party arrangement. If this is your first time being sponsored by a third party, you must sign a one-time promissory note. For more information, visit the Third Party Sponsorship page.

Im a graduate student expecting full financial support to pay my fees. Do I still need to make a payment? Even with full financial support, all students are responsible for payment of campus-based fees by the payment deadline. Currently, graduate student campus-based fees are: Health Services, Transportation, Student Life, Recreation, Early Childhood Education, and Associated Students fees and these total $318.50 per semester.

ePay won’t let me pay my amount due. What should I do? You may need to clear your payment cart. Click on the cart and remove any payments that are already there. Then you can start over and make your payment. 

Can I get an extension to the payment deadline? The universitydoes not extend paymentdeadlines. 

Is there a fee for using a credit card?  Yes, there is a 2% processing fee charged for use of a credit or debit card that are accepted. There is no processing fee for use of an electronic check

Deferred Payment Plan FAQ

Do you have a payment plan?  Yes,students can request enrollment in the Deferred Payment Plan (DPP). This plan offers students the option to pay student fees and on-campus housing, if applicable, in three monthly installments per semester. To qualify, the current semester balance must be at least $500 after taking into account authorized financial aid, if applicable.

Should I sign up for the DPP if I’m getting financial aid? You can sign up for the DPP if your financial aidwill not pay all of your fees and if the unpaid amount will exceed $500. In addition, if your financial aid will be delayed and has not posted to your student account by the semester payment deadline, you can request enrollment in the DPP. You should only enroll if you can make the first payment, which is 40% of the student account balance. 

When is DPP open for enrollment? DPP is usually open for enrollment beginning a few weeks before the semester fee payment deadline. If enrollment for DPP is closed, the enrollment page will indicate this. 

How do I request enrollment in the DPP?  DPP enrollment requests can be made here

What is the deadline to enroll in the DPP? Students can enroll in the DPP until the semester fee payment deadline. Late DPP enrollment requests will only be approved with prepayment of 40% of the student account balance and any late fees incurred. 

When will I know if I’m approved for DPP? SBS will begin reviewing DPP enrollment requests once student fees and housing charges are posted to student accounts. You will receive an email notifying you that your enrollment has been approved or denied when our review is complete. 

Once I sign up for DPP, can it be canceled?  There is no need to cancel your DPP enrollment.  If your student account is paid in full by the fee payment deadline, whether paid by financial aid or by you, the $40 participation fee will be reversed (in the week following the fee payment deadline).   

What are the due dates for DPP payments? Due dates for DPP installment payments are listed on the Fee Payment Deadlines page of the SBS website.

What if Im late with a DPP payment? If installment payments are not credited to the account by 4:00 PM on the fee payment deadline, the following may result: 

  • A $50 late fee may be charged 
  • A hold may be placed on your student account, affecting access to University services 
  • If your first installment is not paid by the fee payment deadline, the entire account balance will be considered due for purposes of determining if you should be dropped from courses 
  • If you are a Housing resident, you may be evicted 

Third Party FAQ

How do third party payments work? Students that are being covered for a third party sponsorship must sign a one-time promissory note. The student gets an authorization from the sponsor and it is sent to SBS. SBS credits the student account for amounts that will be billed to the sponsor.

Can a third party pay for more than tuition?  Yes, the fees that are covered are at the discretion of the sponsor. 

Can you have third party payments and also get financial aid? Yes, it is possible, but third party payments are considered a resource by the Financial Aid office and will be reflected on your financial aid award. 

Can third party payments produce a refund?  Yes, only if other payments have already applied to your balance for the term. Third party payments are a maximum of the charges billed, even if the sponsor authorized payments more than those amounts. 

Hold and Late Fee FAQ

Why was I assessed a late fee? A $50late fee may be assessed on any balances that remain unpaid after the fee payment deadline.

What happens if I do not pay my bill on time? If you do not pay the balance due by the fee payment deadline: 

  • A $50 late payment fee may be charged 
  • A hold may be placed on your student account affecting future registration 
  • You may be unable to access transcripts and enrollment verification 
  • You may be dropped from your courses 
  • If you are a Housing resident, you may be evicted 

What are my options if Im unable to pay my bill in full by the deadline? Financial aid-eligible students should continue to work with the Student First Center on your options. You may contact them at or (209) 228-7178. 

You may also be eligible to sign up for the Deferred Payment Plan (DPP). Please visit the DPP page of the SBS website for more information.

I paid my bill in full. Why do I still have an Overdue Balance hold on my student account? Please contact Student Business Services so that they can review your account. 

Refund FAQ

How do I know if I have a refund? To confirm that you have a refund available, view your student account to see if a transaction has posted to your student account that says "Refund Student Credit Balance". In addition, Student Business Services will send you an email notification once your refund is available. In either case, your refund check will be available to pick up within 3 business days. If you have an active EFT, your funds will be in your bank account in 1 to 3 business days.

Where do I pick up my refund check? Refund checks can be picked up at Campus Cashiering Services, located on the first floor of the Kolligian Library next to the Students First Center. Their hours are Monday - Thursday, 9:00AM - 4:00 PM and Friday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

Why didn’t I receive a refund, I thought I would have one?  You will get a refund if your total financial aid is more than the total outstanding charges on your student account, resulting in a credit balance. If the charges on your account exceed the financial aid posted to your account, then there is an amount due that you have to pay. 

Should I sign up for EFT (direct deposit) if I’m expecting a refund? Yes, you will receive your refund a few days earlier and you will not need to stand in line to pick up your refund check. For more information, visit the Electronic Funds Transfer page of the SBS website. 

Can my refund check be mailed to me? If you will not be available to pick up your refund check at the time it becomes available at Campus Cashiering Services, you should sign up for EFT in advance. 

If you are unable to pick up your refund check, you can email a request to Pleasesend your request from your UC Merced email account and include your name, student ID number, and mailing address. 

I never received my refund check or it’s been lostWhat do I do? Please contact Student Business Services via email at or phone (209) 228-4114 to request a replacement check. 

Will my credit balance be applied to future charges or will I receive a refund? It is both a timing issue and a matter of circumstances. SBS will process a refund of current term aid up until two weeks prior to the next semester’s fee payment deadline. Within two weeks of the fee payment deadline, all credits posted to the student account will be applied against outstanding charges. An exception to this rule will allow for a refund when there is sufficient authorized aid to pay the outstanding charges. 

Electronic Funds Transfer FAQ

Where do I go for more information about Electronic Funds Transfer? Visit the Electronic Funds Transfer page of the SBS website. 

Why should I sign up for EFT? You will have faster access to your funds and will not have to stand in line to pick up your refund check. It is especially important to sign up for EFT if you will not be available to pick up your refund check when it is processed. 

How do I sign up for EFT? Students can sign up for direct deposit using this link

Does the bank account used for my EFT need to be in my name?  No, you can set up EFT to transfer refunds to a parent.

I signed up for EFTWhen will it be active? Your EFT will be active approximately one week after completing the online enrollment form. Any refunds processed before the EFT is active will be processed as a paper check.

Am I required to complete a new EFT enrollment every semester? Once an EFT Authorization is established it will remain active for all future terms.

What if my banking information changes? When you change banks or accounts at the same bank,go to the online EFT enrollment form and click Change EFT instead of New EFT, and complete the form.

I am a graduate student with a GSR/TA appointment and I did not receive my refund via EFT (direct deposit). Why? The form you used for your payroll paycheck will only apply to payroll not to refunds processed on your student account. You must complete a different EFT form and that may be done by using this link

Parent FAQ

Will SBS send parents email reminders of the payment deadlines? SBS is unable to send emails to parents regarding payment deadlines or outstanding balances. Email communications from our office are sent to students via their UC Merced email account. 

How do I view my student's account or billing statements? Your student can give authorization to a parent by setting up a Parent PIN on ePay. Once your student has created a Parent PIN, they can provide you with your username and password.

After you have logged into ePay, you will have the option of viewing student account information or eBill statements. 

How do I log into MyBill as a parent? Sign in using your Parent PIN username and password. Please be sure that you select the link that says, “Sign In with an assigned Parent PIN.”

I lost my username or password. How do I reset them? Ask your student to delete your Parent PIN and assign a new username and password for you. Student Business Services is unable to reset usernames or passwords.

When will my student receive a bill? Student Business Services sends an email notification to students when a billing statement is available to view.

Leaving UC Merced FAQ

I no longer attend UC Merced, but I received a billing statement with an amount due. How do I cancel my enrollment? Please immediately contact the Students First Center at or (209) 228-7178 for assistance.

I am thinking about leaving UC Merced and the semester has already started. Will I owe the University any money? It depends on the circumstances. If you leave UC Merced, it is very important that you understand the implications of your decision.

  • You may still be responsible for all or part of your registration fees and housing charges 
  • You may incur other charges on your student account after leaving the university 
  • If you received a refund of your financial aid, you may be responsible for repayment of that aid 

We urge you to speak with the financial aid office to determine if your financial aid will be adjusted after you leave 

How will I be notified of any additional charges on my student account after I leave UC Merced? You will still be able to log in to ePay to view your student account after you leave UC Merced as you are responsible to pay any fees that are subsequently charged.